Friday, October 1, 2010

y-Free Diet

This diet is very low intake of calcium. No wonder if the culprit susceptible to osteoporosis. Another vital function of calcium is to help regulate heartbeat, muscle growth, prevent blood clotting, helping to stimulate the nerves, helping to contribute enzymes, helps maintain the absorption of nutrients to the bones and teeth. So, when the body lacks calcium, not only coming osteoporosis, the risk of fatal disorders such as heart rate and disruption of nerve stimulation also overshadow.

The rules
Foods like white rice, pasta, bread, animal proteins such as eggs and milk, and all fatty foods are forbidden during this diet. To replace it, you are advised to consume foods made from wheat, fruit growth, vegetables, and products containing omega-3 in limited quantities.
It is recommended if you reduce consumption of dairy products around 50% per day is recommended to replace them with other foods foods derived from nuts and seeds or soy products.
Sample menu:
For breakfast you can choose which brewed oatmeal without any additional hot water. As for lunch, tofu and steamed fruit salad sprinkled with olive oil. While the dinner menu is steamed fish plus broccoli and carrots.
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