Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pattern 1300 Calorie Diet Menu for Vegetarian

As a vegetarian, your options are much less than non-vegetarian food. Nonetheless, you still need to diversify your diet. No need to worry because the dishes of vegetable material was still delicious to eat, what matters is not wrong to choose a varied diet. Because if the variation is less foods, you can iron deficiency anemia resulting in the emergence gelaja (you tire easily and look pale.)
Why iron? Fruits and sayuan does contain iron, but iron absorption vegetable material into the body cells is much more difficult and longer, than the iron which is obtained from animal products.

Therefore, to assist the absorption of these you can take supplements of vitamin C, as an additional beneficial nutrients that help the absorption of iron into the body cells better.
For the vegetarians who have excess weight, you can adjust your diet by following the pattern of 1300 Calorie Diet Menu vegetarian special for the following:
Pattern 1300 Calorie Diet Menu for vegetarian special

1. A stack of white bread egg contents and vegetables (lettuce, tomato and cucumber)
2. Glass of water / cup of tea.
Interlude: 1 fruit Apples or Pears

1. 150 g (6 tbsp) rice
2. 50 g (1 slice medium) know
3. 50 g (1 slice medium) tempe
4. A bowl of vegetables
5. A bowl of papaya or a banana
Interlude: 100 grams of fruit pieces (half a serving of salad without peanut sauce)

1. 100 grams (4 tbsp) rice
2. 100 g (1 / 2 pieces of large size) know
3. A bowl of vegetables

* If this diet makes the body limp, add the rice portion of about two tablespoons.
* If you get bored with tofu, you can menyelingnyai with boiled egg.
* Bread or rice can also be replaced with pasta, cereal, oatmeal, boiled potatoes, and others.
* Interlude fruit can be replaced with a corn cob, a piece of boiled or roasted cassava, and other.
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