Saturday, October 2, 2010

Diet vegetarian menu

Vegetarian Diet
More and more people apply this diet, for health reasons. But it turns out a vegetarian diet can provide additional benefits in the form of controlling body weight. To give you more familiar with this type of diet, look at the following descriptions.
Is it vegetarian?Vegetarian is a diet that avoids animal products. Originally, this diet is part of a religious doctrine. But now, vegetarianism has become a way of life. Now there are various patterns of vegetarians.
The flow of the most strict vegetarian, eating no animal products, including eggs and milk. There is also a vegetarian who was nicknamed fructarian, in addition to not consume animal products they consume only crop that can be harvested without causing the death of these plants
Lacto vegetarianAbstaining from eating all animal products including eggs, but consume milk and other dairy.Lacto ovo vegetarian
Not eating animal products fresh. Lacto ovo vegetarian adherents do not eat meat or fish, but still eat eggs and milk.
Semi-vegetarianEating vegetables, as well as chicken or fish, dairy products, and eggs. Just avoid red meat.
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