Sunday, October 3, 2010

Diet South Beach

There are 3 phases in this diet:
1. Carbohydrate restrictionThe first stage is the period of carbohydrate restriction is entered into the body. However, not all carbohydrates be avoided, only carbohydrates are "bad", such as potatoes and bread. At this stage the participants are required to keep a diet with three meals a day plus mealtime interlude. The size of the food also do not need to be reduced. These steps are undertaken at least two weeks and can be lived up to a month. After undergoing two weeks of the first phase, estimated weight will fall between 5 to 6 pounds.
2. Advanced Stages
At this stage the weight loss will happen gradually berangsung (0.5 to 1.0 kg / week). At this stage you have to undergo weight reduction bada until the desired weight is reached, of course in the timeframe that is not restricted. This stage is also called as the stage of carbohydrates (carbs "good") again. Slowly, the food intake of carbohydrate "good" such as seeds, pounded rice, or beans-enhanced. Some types of food that still be avoided, including bread, potatoes, and carrots. While the fruit to be avoided, such as watermelon and pineapple.
3. Weight maintenance.
This last phase aims to maintain the weight that has been achieved so as not to rise or fall drastically. At this time, the number and type of food intake is more varied than the two previous phases. As far as possible be avoided and food variety. We suggest choosing beans (chickpeas, kidney beans, soy beans, and green beans) as a source of fat and protein. Brown rice is the staple food of the right choice. In general, consumption of fruits, such as, apples, pears, grapes, and oranges, are not restricted. Diet on the third stage is recommended to continue to apply.
Weaknesses: This diet is more suitable for those with diabetes and obesity. Because the scientific basis used is the concept of glycemic index (GI), ie the speed of food raise blood sugar (glucose), blood, after taking them. Foods that IG was high, resulting in rapid blood sugar rise, resulting in excess insulin.
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