Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cabbage-Soup Diet

Diet is OK as long as you follow the recommended rules, namely;
Should only be done within two weeks.
Try to eat a homemade cabbage soup for you can fill nutritional content of the materials selected.
The main rule Cabbage Soup Diet:
Besides eating cabbage soup, no other food ingredients that may be consumed as a food companion. Namely:
Day 1: You should only eat fruits, except bananas.
Day 2: You should only eat vegetables that are boiled. At dinner you can add a baked potato with butter spread.
Day 3: You are only allowed to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, except potatoes and bananas.
Day 4: You should only eat bananas and nonfat milk. For the bananas in a day you should not be more than four units.
Day 5: In a day you are only allowed to eat six tomatoes 450 grams of fruit and beef.
Day 6; 450 grams of beef and vegetable stew.
Day 7: Cabbage soup may be consumed with red rice, fruit juice, and vegetable stew
Weaknesses: Our bodies get less vitamins and minerals. The impact pendiet will feel weak, not passionate, often attacked by nausea and dizziness. If the problem is likely to continue in the kidneys, even premature osteoporosis.

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