Thursday, August 12, 2010

Okinawa Diet menu

Diets of the Okinawa generally relies on four main pillars, namely: (1) low-fat, (2) a high vegetable and fruit, (3) high-sea fish, green tea, and drinking water, and (4) as far as possible not eat processed foods made with the addition of chemicals.
When this principle is applied, we will be spared from being overweight or obese due to overeating. The principle that causes Japanese people generally have a slender body, healthy, fit, and youthful.
Okinawa Diet semi-vegetarian. Words adherents, this diet can slow the degenerative illness.
According to doctors Peni M Hartanto, Okinawa diet is the basic principle of a long life by eating healthy foods. Okinawa Diet''has the concept of semi-vegetarian diet and consumption of poultry meat which is not excessive,''said Dr. YARSI University alumnus, Jakarta.
If you intend to apply this diet, Peni recommends to always use brown rice instead of white rice. The reason, white rice has undergone a process of repeated cleaning. ''So the vitamin content is reduced,''said the entrepreneur who opened the catering business since 1992 this.
One characteristic of Okinawa diet is the application of a standard diet with servings. For you who like to snack, you should avoid fatty snack, or have a high salt content. According Peni, Okinawa dieters are advised to not consume excessive in fat and salt. It is advisable also to reduce the seasoning or flavoring dishes such as broth, Worcestershire sauce, and others.
What about meat? ''You can eat meat portions from only 60 to 90 grams a meal, and not too often.'' Then, if you want to fry the meat or other toppings, Peni recommend using olive oil.

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